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WASHINGTON Sen. Jeff Sessions (R Ala.) and his supporters sought on Tuesday to convince the American public that he won't discriminate against people of color if he is confirmed as the attorney general, the nation's top law enforcement officer. Attorney in 1985, he hadprosecuted three African American activists for alleged voter fraud over disputed absentee ballots.

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cheap nike shoes I didn't mention the school board or the Republican Party. I brought a lot of unnecessary attention to the school, which of course wasn't my idea. I just wanted to rant about this silly sign.". On Tuesday, I chose to take about three hours out of my work day to go to a new doctor who I thought could help with addressing the root issues. I found myself on the surface being matter of fact about needing to spend this time and money to get the help I needed. But underneath the surface on my 40 minute drive to his office, I realized I was angry and frustrated:. cheap nike shoes

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