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Canada Goose Parka Failure of South Africa to keep pace with those market changes had resulted in an electricity supply industry with serious operational and capital investment inefficiencies, primarily at Medupi and Kusile.The view that a State owned utility was canada goose factory outlet vancouver best placed to raise low cost capital and build and operate large canada goose outlet uk sale scale power stations for captive customers had been all but disproven through poor canada goose outlet in new york project choices and the abysmal execution of the build programmes canada goose outlet location at the two coal fired power stations.Amid falling costs for wind and solar, as well as canada goose clothing uk the flexible generation sources needed to support variable renewable energy plants, Eberhard argued that the cost overruns posed a risk that Medupi and Kusile would become assets With price tags of R145 billion and R161 billion respectively, the projects are two and a half times more expensive than what was initially budgeted and are well behind schedule, with the last Medupi unit only expected in 2020 and the last Kusile unit in 2022.As a consequence of the overruns, Eskom debt has risen to beyond R380 billion and is expected to peak at R600 billion. Funding canada goose discount uk this debt burden is also likely to become increasingly difficult in light of the constraints on the national fiscus, as well as growing societal resistance to further large tariff hikes, which could also further dampen demand for power.Eberhard said that no policy change would be required before unbundling could be pursued, as the separation of generation from transmission was already embedded in the 1998 Energy Policy White canada goose outlet online store Paper.There was also no need for new legislation, as privatisation was not the objective, but rather a corporate restructuring of Eskom Holdings so as to facilitate the creation of a distinct transmission and system operator, with its own board. In time, that entity could be separated to become a distinct State owned entity.Nevertheless, such a restructuring would probably require a renegotiation of debt covenants to enable the debt to be split between generation and transmission.Eberhard said the proposed restructuring would create greater transparency of the problems within Eskom and could also help protect the grid and system operator, which he described as the key main enablers of both greater competition in generation and a transition from coal to a system led by renewables and complemented by flexible generation.Energy Intensive User Group past chairperson Piet van Staden supported the argument that Eskom, together with its rising debt burden, posed a risk to business and the economy and that restructuring was required.However, he said that, given South Africa poor restructuring track record, as well the current lack of social cohesion, it would be critical for any restructuring plan to have broad based support.Van Staden even suggested that there canada goose outlet store new york might be a need for another De Villiers Commission, or even an Codesa to create a common vision of the pathway and to ensure full support from all stakeholders, including business and labour, for implementation.idea would be for the social partners to unite behind a common vision Canada Goose Parka.

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