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canada goose coats The failure of "New Coke". We saw the same in the instant coffee wars with Maxwell House and Folgers. With film we saw Fuji, Polaroid and Kodak. There was no moment of sudden epiphany for Nikkel, no particular friendship with a gay person. Her change followed a trajectory of at least six years. Rep. canada goose coats

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canada goose store And once the marriage was clearly ending, she did seem to be portrayed a lot less favorably.I will say that I found it difficult to feel sorry for her in canada goose outlet houston regards to some of her grievances with Don and their marriage. Don objectively a terrible husband, but when I think back to how he treated Betty for 10+ years canada goose outlet us compared to the (comparable) effort he put in with Megan, it made her seem kind of immature and petty.Characters serve a purpose in a story. The show web link isn really about her; the show is about the decline and fall of Don Draper, and her purpose is to highlight aspects of the Don Draper character.The show catalyst is when our main character meets Rachel Menken, who throws his life into a spiral canada goose store.

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