“At Last It’s Me” CD


Featuring all the awesome songs from Bethany's live shows and more, this CD of all Bethany's favourite songs will have you up and dancing from start to finish.
  1. At Last It's Me
  2. Time Of Our Lives
  3. It's My Time
  4. Starting Over, Starting Now
  5. I Can't Do It Without You
  6. That's How We Do
  7. Surf's Up
  8. Better When I'm Dancing
  9. You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home
  10. What A Girl Is
  11. Anywhere In The World
  12. Bringing Better Back
  13. BAMM
  14. Better Together
  15. Can't Stop The Feeling
  16. Face To Face
  17. Twist That Frown Upside Down
  18. What If I Shine
  19. 24/Seven
  20. We're All In This Together