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canada goose factory sale Then they move on to the skirt chasing Pizza tycoon, to the infidelitous man baby whose focus is, for some reason, on colonizing the Moon and making it the fifty first state. Then there's Ron Paul and Rick Santorum if the GOP really respected old fashioned American values, they'd stop pushing aside Ron Paul he's the oldest, crankiest, stubbornest candidate they'll ever have. Likewise, if the traditionally Protestant GOP are uncomfortable with Mitt the Mormon, why would they even consider a Catholic like Rick only those liberal, leftist Dems would do something that loosey goosey! It's enough to make you sick to your stomach ain't it, Rick?I agree, Ollye, although to be fair, his open admission of his 19th century attitudes is the one thing he can be commended on so many other GOP pols have this sorta stealth fundamentalism going, pretending to be amenable to modern values when publicly pressed on the question, but privately harboring a similar zealotry.. canada goose factory sale

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