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canada goose uk shop Had a canada goose outlet question in 5th grade in science class soup is served at 80 degrees or 130. I knew soup was Canada Goose Jackets spose to be hot and hot was hotter than body temperature, so I said 130. Teacher called me out in front of everyone and cheap Canada Goose said she wanted soup served at 80 degrees and that 140 would burn. canada goose uk shop

Dumb bitch, serving soup at 80 degree is pretty much a HUGE violation of health code and it must be held and served to the table at 140 or higher to prevent bacteria growth.

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canada goose Yeah, I definitely not depressed, I a pretty happy guy. But I going to die someday. I don see the point in fearing death. I have all the reason in the world to fear death, I an atheist. I believe that when I die it just over, no afterlife, no soul, not even a sense of nothingness, just nothing at all. Most religious people believe in an afterlife, why are they buy canada goose jacket so afraid of death? A lot of them believe they will end up living an immortal happy life in their perfect version of heaven. You would think they would be fucking excited to get there, but most of them are still terrified of death. canada goose

Most people will never cumulatively get more than a few million dollars over the Canada Goose Outlet course of their entire lifetime. Everyone dies. I take my chances and go for the money. $100 billion is enough money to do a lot of good in the world. You could build the most advanced hospital in the world and still be one of the top 100 wealthiest people in the world. It almost seems selfish Canada Goose sale not to take the bet.

canada goose coats So yeah, I canada goose clearance take the fucking bet. canada goose coats

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canadian goose jacket A couple (luckily not in my section) were clearly on a canada goose black friday sale first date. She ordered a wine and he ordered a beer. The beer was meant to be served in a branded glass but the only clean ones had just come out the dishwasher. The waitress gave him one of these glasses and it must have warm still. She put canadian goose jacket the glass on the table and poured about half of the very cold beer into it (didn't even tilt the glass!). canadian goose jacket

This poor guy picked up the glass but the temperature difference made the bottom of the glass sheer off. So his whole glass of beer dropped straight down onto his lap.

uk canada goose outlet Obviously the waitress and manager were all over him trying to help but they couldn't exactly take his trousers and give him dry ones. So he spent the rest of his date soaked through and stinking of beer. They didn't order starters or desserts, just Canada Goose Parka had a main and left. uk canada goose outlet

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Would someone tell this to my mom, dad, grandparents, and cousins? Anytime I tell them that I not going to attend an event, they want to hear my excuse. I used to always just make shit up and lie because they wouldn accept "Because I don want to go." My family thought I was the busiest fucking person in the world. It not like these events are near me, I live 4 hours away from my nearest family members. Going to one hour long event takes the entire fucking weekend.

Lately I just started being honest and letting them get canada goose store all upset. I tell them I not going to attend. When they ask what else I got going on at that time, I tell them "Nothing, I just don want to go."

They get upset, accuse me of not loving them, talk shit about me to other family members behind my back. All that does is tell me that I made the right decision.

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Fuck that, if someone offers me free food and I want it, I going to say "Thank you very much!" and take it. If they don want to give their food away they shouldn fucking offer it. I not going to play these games to determine who is more polite.

On the flip side, I only offer people free food once. If I offering it, it because I want to give it away. If you tell me that you don want it, I going to offer it to someone else. I keep offering canada goose coats on sale it to different people until someone takes it.

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Canada Goose Jackets My fiance and I host several parties a year and the first hour is always so awkward because there will be like one or two people who show up in the first 20 minutes and then no one for another 30 40. It won be until about 2 hours in that everyone is actually there. Canada Goose Jackets

I mean, it fine, we just hang out and chat as we wait for more canada goose people to filter in, but it always a bit weird because it doesn feel like a party til there are at least 10 people there.

What was super awkward though was last new years when we invited one of my fiances co Canada Goose online workers who is very nice, but a bit shy and a bit young. I don think he has been to many (or any) parties before, and he showed up exactly on time according to the FB event with chips and dip. He was the only guest there for like 40 minutes lol it was so awkward because neither of us really knew him so we were making typical small talk, showed him around the house, etc. About ten minutes in he asked if anyone else was coming and I could tell he felt really socially anxious when he asked it. We told him that yeah most people would probably show up over the next hour or so and he asked why everyone was so late when the invitation said 6:00.

canada goose store So we basically had to explain to him that when it comes to social parties, the start time is the time that the hosts will be ready for people to begin arriving, not a time that everyone is expected to arrive at. So when our FB event said 6:00, what we meant was that we would be done cleaning, prepping and getting showered and dressed by that time, not that we expected everyone to show up at that time. canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet It was kind of adorable but I could tell he was pretty embarassed about not knowing these things. Canada Goose Outlet

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Americans are the only people to ever leave low Earth orbit. Every person that has ever set foot on the moon was born and raised in America.

buy canada goose jacket No other country has buy canada goose jacket cheap ever made it past a few hundred miles from Earth. Americans traveled over 200,000 miles to land on the moon, canada goose deals 6 fucking times. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Coats On Sale America didn lose the space race, Russia had a small lead in the beginning but never bothered to finish the race. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose clearance America fucking dominated the space race. We stopped going to the moon because it was boring being the only ones to go there canada goose clearance.

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