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When I was a kid growing up on an East Texas dairy farm in the late 50 and early 60 getting to go the races with my buddies was a real treat. We did not have a track in my home town, but there were several tracks with in a 60 mile radius. Drag Racing was not popular back then, people sort of looked down on you if they knew you were interested in it.

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Andy Rubin's Essential Phone was unveiled in June this year, and it attracted a lot of hype on launch. At the time of launch, the father of Android had promised the smartphone to reach its customers in 30 days. However, the 30 day limit has come and gone, and now, Rubin has finally acknowledged the delay, and has claimed that the Essential Phone will be in the hands of the customers 'in a few weeks'..

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Your retirement years are supposed to be the best years of your life. This type of investment schemes are more popular amongst the middle classes, as they are simple to obtain, does not need a huge deposit and most importantly, is affordable. With FDs, you earn returns on your savings.

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